Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Manet Travel eSIM



A Manet Travel eSIM is a virtual SIM which allows you to connect to the Internet without putting a physical SIM card in your device. Just scan a QR-code (or manually enter an activation code) and start surfing the web.

Just scan a QR-code (or manually enter an activation code) and start surfing the web.

A Manet Travel eSIM has a lot of benefits!
First of all, it allows you to quickly activate an affordable local or regional plan, without going to a store.

Furthermore, you can buy the eSIM at any time, also before the departure, by selecting the activation date which better fits your travel needs (for example you can postpone the activation until the day you arrive at the destination).

In this way, you’ll benefit from reliable and speed connectivity, also abroad!

Check the compatibility of your phone by following the steps below:

On iOS devices (iOS (Apple iPhone): Go to Settings > Cellular or Mobile Data, if you have the option to “Add Cellular Plan” or “Add Data Plan”, your device supports eSIMs.

On Android devices (Samsung): Go to Settings > Connections > SIM Card Manager. If you have the option to “Add mobile plan”, your smartphone supports eSIMs.

The data plan activated with the Manet Travel eSIM doesn’t include voice traffic and SMS.
You’ll be able to chat and video call by using your favorite messaging app (such as WhatsApp, Facetime, Messenger, Viber and so on)!

It depends on the device you’re using: some can support just one eSIM, others are able to support more eSIMs.

Keep in mind that just one eSIM at a time can be active.

All the refund requests should be submitted via e-mail to support@manetmobile.com, with a valid and detailed explanation. We’ll forward each case to our provider, who’ll autonomously decide about refunding it and the amount (total or partial, depending on the specific situations).

For things under our control, we’ll do everything we can to meet every need!

Manet Travel eSIM offers 4G connectivity, but the effective speed depends on the signal quality and on the available coverage.

At the moment, 4G is accessible in those countries.

No, the Manet Travel eSIM includes just a data plan and you won’t have a new phone number linked to it.

Choose the most suitable solution for your needs!

You can buy Manet Travel eSIM at any time, also before the departure, so you can have at your disposal all the eSIM advantages as soon as you arrive at your destination!


Go to manet.travel and select your destination from the available ones.

Choose the plan that better fits your needs and continue with the secure payment with your credit card.

You’ll receive an email with the installation guide.

The list of Manet Travel eSIM supported countries is constantly updated.

If your destination is not in the list, you can choose a regional plan covering more countries, or a global plan to connect to the Internet all over the world.

You can buy a Manet Travel eSIM by using a credit card, among those supported by our payment provider Stripe.


Once you buy the eSIM, you’ll receive an email with some guidelines to install it on your device.
You can install the data plan automatically, by scanning the QR code, or manually, from your device Settings.

If you have an Android smartphone, you’ll be able to activate your eSIM from Settings > Connections > SIM card management > Add data plan.

If you have an iOS device, go to Settings > Device > Add data plan.

For further information, follow our installation guide.

The plan you purchase defines the duration of Manet Travel eSIM.
On the post-purchase email are reported all the information about the activation date, the plan duration and the deactivation date.

Once the Manet Travel eSIM has been installed, your personal SIM card will duly work.

To avoid extra costs on your SIM card, remember to select the right data plan before connecting.

The eSIM, like any normal SIM card, can be used on one device at a time.

You can purchase a data plan for each device you have, or for your travel mates’ devices, to take the most from the connectivity.

As you normally do with your personal SIM card, you can use your device’s features to monitor Manet Travel eSIM’s data consumption.

Once you buy a Manet Travel eSIM, you can decide whether to use the eSIM or not in the Settings section of your device.

However, the purchased data plan has a predefined expiration date: for this reason, the usage of Manet Travel eSIM is impossible to be suspended, even temporarily.

According to the various eSIM providers’ specific policies, most eSIMs cannot be reinstalled.

This means that if you delete your eSIM and try to install a second time you may face an error.

If you want to save data when you are not using the eSIM, we recommend to just temporarily disable it. Please remember, however, that the eSIM validity won’t stop once it has been activated the first time, regardless of whether the eSIM is turned on or off.

Generally speaking, most eSIMs can be successfully installed only once.

This is beyond our control and it is due to the various providers’ specific policies. This means that if you delete the eSIM from your device, it will not be possible to install it another time, regardless of whether it is still valid or not, or whether you are using the same device or not.

eSIM transfer is not allowed for most of our eSIMs because of the various providers’ specific policies.

In case you have a new device, we suggest using up the data directly on the old device or sharing the data from the old device with the new one via hotspot.

Removing the eSIM is super easy.

If you have an Android smartphone, open Settings > Connections > SIM Card management.

If you have an iOS device, go to Settings > Mobile, select the eSIM under Mobile Plans and click on Remove Mobile Plan.