Offer connectivity, tourism content and services to travelers around the world

Manet Travel is the connectivity solution for your tour operator’s or travel agency’s customers.

The Manet Travel solution is designed for:

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Tour operator / Travel agencies
Tour guides
Other travel service providers
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Travel blogger / influencer

The advantages
for your business


Offer connectivity via eSIM, replacing local physical SIMs and avoiding roaming charges.

of the journey

Personalize the travel experience with itineraries and digital information.


Promote services while traveling to increase your profits.



Improve travelers' experience and get positive reviews.

Competitive advantage

Offer an innovative service to stand out from the competition.

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The Manet Travel solution

Manet Travel digitizes the travel experience with Manet eSIM connectivity and multipleapp features, directly on travelers’ personal devices.


Manet eSIM Travel

Affordable, fast and flexible virtual SIM for overseas travel.

Totally digital

Purchasable online, it allows digital installation directly on the traveler’s device of one or more mobile phone plans without going to the store.

Quick Activation

Quick and easy anytime activation by scanning a QR-code or typing in an activation code.

Advantageous prices

With convenient connectivity options for all countries, it saves money by eliminating tedious roaming charges.

Environmentally friendly

It eliminates the paper, plastic and metal used in the production of physical SIM cards and their packaging.

eSIMeSIMBroad device compatibility

Mid-range and high-end devices from major brands already support eSIM. The number of compatible devices is steadily increasing.

Check here for compatibility

Monitoring consumption

You can check eSIM consumption at any time during the journey through our dedicated dashboard.

Manet Travel App

One solution, many features for your customers traveling the world.

eSIMeSIMManet eSIM Travel Management

Real-time monitoring and management of consumption and purchase of Manet eSIM Travel.

Digital travel documents

Avoid paper by digitizing documents for overnight stays, flights, transfers, excursions, etc.

Itinerary and travel documents

Enter itinerary information and documents to provide travelers with a reference of the stages of their journey.

Tickets to experiences and attractions

The platform enables the purchase of activity tickets, generating additional profits for your business.

Feedback and retention

Stay in touch with customers during the journey, improving engagement and overall satisfaction.

How to include Manet Travel in your offer

You can choose the solution that suits you best.


Get a custom link ( to start earning commission on each purchase.


Get your personalized landing page so customers can choose the Manet Travel option that's right for them.


Use our Web Dashboard to activate Manet Travel to your customers through your different offline sales channels.


Integrate Manet Travel using our API by sending the activation link via your preferred channel (email, text message, etc.).

Manet Travel
for your customers

Your customers can enrich their experience in three simple steps.

Click on the
activation link

received via email when booking the trip.

Manet Travel App

available for Android and iOS devices on their respective stores.


and use

of eSIM connectivity, tourism content and services in the app.

How to become a Manet Travel affiliate


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Choose the best connectivity option

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Add Manet Travel to your offer

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