🎉✨ Introducing the New Manet Travel Logo! 🌐✈️


Hello Travelers!

🎉✨ We are thrilled to introduce the new Manet Travel logo, embracing our mission to provide travelers with the ability to explore the world supported by connectivity, tourist information and travel tools, with simplicity and convenience.


Expression of Global Connection

The V in Travel is our signature, visual representation of our tagline “The connectivity you are looking for, everywhere”.

It clearly communicates the concepts of Internet connectivity and geographical location.

It is a simple sign with friendly shapes, which conveys positive feelings, but wants to be more than a symbol: it is an invitation to explore the world together, always connected.


Key Elements of the Logo

📡 Wi-Fi Waves: The Wi-Fi waves embracing the V represent a boundless connectivity. From the city rush to nature’s peacefulness, the Manet Travel eSIM provides a fast and reliable connection, ensuring a permanent connection to the world.

🌍 Positioning pin: The ubiquity of our service is embodied in the pin, which denotes Manet Travel’s commitment to accompany travelers, everywhere.


We believe that every trip is an opportunity to make connections, first and foremost among people.

See you on our next trip together! 🌐✈️


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